Morris Galactic Runner “ 3D Live Wallpaper” Launched

Morris Galactic Runner – World’s first Mobile Performance Live Wallpaper is now available on Google Play.

Morris Galactic Runner (Live Wallpaper) is a new addition to the mobile performance gaming category by Greatest Heroes.

Morris runs on a galactic highway through galaxies and you can see your current mobile devices signal change the surroundings and running speeds accordingly. If the signal quality is low, Morris feels tired and stops running. The better the connection is the faster Morris is running. The quality of the signal is dynamically shown by five different highway colors from the best signal level (green) to the worst level (red).

Morris Galactic Runner Wallpaper is available in free version and in premium version.

See more about the great new features of Morris Galactic Runner including Football World Cup 2014 theme on Google Play

Download now and turn your Android background to something wonderful!