Morris Defender (FREE)

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Morris Defender saves the earth from vicious aliens in several different gaming levels. All  levels have 2-5 waves of alien attacks including time elapsed enemy challenge.

Aliens are coming faster and faster in every level, and they may have urgent and surprice change of direction. Every time when alien hits the earth, the energy is reduced.

When level is completed, medals in three different categories are rewarded. With more levels and medals collected Morris is been promoted from Sergeant to Commander.

Morris Defender has four (peacefull, moderate, hostile, hazardous) levels of difficulty based on your unique mobile connection..


Victory statistics in view
Fight through aliens shield attack
Defend the earth and vaporize your enemy using the ever growing weapon selection

How to install

Morris Defender is available on Google Play.

Remember the following steps in download:

  1. Free memory of 36M is needed for installation.
  2. Agree Terms & Conditions.
    Note! All conditions have to be agreed.

Maximum Efficiency

Remember the following functionalities:

  1. Maximum set of weapons is achieved when location information is ”switched on”.
  2. Maximum set of weapons is achieved when quality impacts is reported i.e. Mobile connection is ”switched on”.



Morris Defender can be used at least in the following Android 4.1-> mobile terminals:

  • Asus Pad2
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII
  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • HTC
  • Nexus


If any valuable information about applicability, or any questions, concerns, doubts, please send email to


Q: Why I am not able to download Morris Defender to my mobile phone?

A: Check whether there is enough memory in your mobile phone

A: Check whether downloads are permitted in your mobile phone